This blog is an attempt to organise the scraps of research and half-formulated ideas buzzing around inside my head, in the hope that if I write them down they might go away. Most of it will concern medieval stone sculpture, in which I include the way it was produced, the materialsĀ used to produce it, the artists who did the work, the patrons who paid for it, the forms it took and the stories it told, as well as the ways in which it has been understood, misunderstood and otherwise written about by generations of antiquarians, scholars and popularisers.

I have been studying this stuff since I was at the Courtauld Institute from the late-1970s onwards, and it has been my chief preoccupation since I joined theĀ Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in 1988 as a fieldworker. Since then I have taken on the role of Research Director of the project, but I am still very active in the field; travelling far and wide to record and photograph.