The Romanesque canon according to Prior and Gardiner

This list of dated works, taken from E. S. Prior and A. Gardner, An Account of Medieval Figure-Sculpture in England. Cambridge 1912, is meant to be read in conjunction with my posts on Prior & Gardiner – sculpture as evolution and Romanesque Sculpture – the Canon.

Location Work Assigned date
Ault Hucknall,  St John the Baptist (Derbys), Tympanum and lintel c.1000
Southwell Minster (Derbys) Tympanum c.1000
Ipswich, St Nicholas (Suffolk) Tympanum c.1000
Daglingworth, Holy Rood (Glos) Reliefs c.1000
Chichester Cathedral (Sussex) Reliefs c.1000
Durham Castle Chapel Capitals c.1070
Burnham Deepdale, St Mary (Norfolk) Font c.1100
Westminster Abbey (London) Capital c.1100
Hereford Cathedral Capital c.1100
Moreton Valence, St Stephen (Glos) Tympanum c.1120
Kilpeck, St Mary and St David (Herefords) Chancel arch/ corbels c.1125
Dinton, St Peter (Bucks) Tympanum c.1125
Fordington, St George (Dorset) Tympanum c.1125
Stone, St John the Baptist (Bucks) Font c.1125
Eardisley, St Mary Magdalene (Herefords) Font c.1125
Romsey Abbey (Hampshire) Corbel table c.1125
Harpole, All Saints (Northants) Font c.1140
Northampton, St Peter (Northants) Relief and capitals c.1140
Rochester Cathedral (Kent) West doorway c.1140-80
Kilpeck, St Mary and St David (Herefords) South doorway c.1150
Elkstone, St John the Evangelist (Glos) Tympanum c.1150
Ely Cathedral (Cambridgeshire) Bishop Nigel’s tomb c.1150
Toftrees, All Saints  (Norfolk), Font c.1150
West Haddon, All Saints (Northants) Font c.1150
Highworth, St Michael (Wilts) Tympanum c.1150
Romsey Abbey (Hampshire) Capitals c.1150
Canterbury Cathedral Crypt capitals c.1150
Fownhope, St Mary (Herefords) Tympanum c.1150
Much Wenlock Priory (Salop) Lavabo c.1150
Water Stratford, St Giles (Bucks) Tympanum c.1150
Winchester Cathedral Font c.1150
Elstow, St Mary (Beds) Tympanum c.1150
Ely Cathedral (Cambridgeshire) Prior’s doorway c.1150
Durham Cathedral Chapter House Atlas figures c.1150
Lincoln Cathedral (Lincs) West front frieze c.1160
Malmesbury Abbey church (Wilts) Tympana c.1160
Iffley, St Mary (Oxon) Doorways c.1160
Southrop, St Peter (Glos) Font c.1160
Hereford Cathedral Font c.1170
Barfreston, St Nicholas (Kent) South doorway c.1170
Brighton, St Nicholas (Sussex) Font c.1170
York, Yorkshire Museum Death of Dives tympanum c.1170
Durham Cathedral Screen reliefs c.1170
Kelloe, St Helen (Durham) Cross c.1170
Coleshill, St Peter (Warwicks) Font c.1170/60
Stafford, St Mary Font c.1180
York Minster Hell relief c.1180
Glastonbury Abbey Lady Chapel North doorway c.1185
York, Yorkshire Museum St Mary’s Abbey figures c.1200
Worcester Cathedral Christ in Majesty c.1200
York Minster Virgin and Child relief uncertain




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3 Responses to The Romanesque canon according to Prior and Gardiner

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  3. Christopher Whitmey says:

    Fownhope, St Mary (Herefords) Tympanum c.1150. I live in Fownhope and found your page Googling ‘Tympanum Fownhope’. Do you know of any authority on what the tympanum depicts?
    Locally there are two views: virgin and child, or God the Father holding God the Son. Apparently, it depends on the style of the halo.


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